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Apps using UnifiedPush

This is a non-exhaustive list of the first few end-user applications that use UnifiedPush.


Name Description Date Platform Since version Docs¹
FluffyChat Matrix chat January 2021 Android v0.26.1 FluffyChat push notifications²
Fedilab Mastodon/Fediverse March 2021 Android v2.39.0 Fedilab push notifications²
Tox Push Message App Tox chat May 2021 Android v1.0.3 generic
SchildiChat Matrix chat September 2021 Android v1.2.0.sc42 generic
Fedilab Lite Mastodon/Fediverse October 2021 Android v2.39.0 Fedilab push notifications²
FindMyDevice Find your device November 2021 Android v0.2.2 generic
Element Matrix chat June 2022 Android v1.4.26 generic
Tusky Mastodon/Fediverse July 2022 Android v19.0 generic
SmallTalk Matrix chat August 2022 Android v0.0.1-alpha04 generic
Jami Jami March 2023 Android v361 generic
Goguma IRC client March 2023 Android v0.5.0 generic

¹ App-specific documentation should not be needed. Compatible apps should just work after installing a UnifiedPush distributor.

² UnifiedPush is designed to work with any distributor. Some apps’ documentation suggest particular ones but you might prefer to follow the generic advice on installing a UnifiedPush distributor.

The following is a list of applications that have some work in progress regarding UnifiedPush support.