UnifiedPush is specifications and tools that let the user choose how push notifications are delivered. All in a free and open source way.

Diagram of the structure used by unifiedpush

Getting Started

I’m a user who wants push notifications for apps using UP, what should I do?

The application that gives notifications is called a Distributor. If you don’t care about using Google’s FCM, look at the download links of fcm-distributor.

But I don’t want to rely on Google

Currently, the simplest way is to host your own Gotify server and install the associated distributor.

I’m an app developer who wants my users to get push notifications without Google, what should I do?

You should use the UnifedPush connector library for your framework. If it doesn’t already exist for your framework/language, contributions are welcome.

What options do I have for distributors?

The distributors page has a recap of all the options.

Does/will app X support UnifiedPush?

See the application list. If an app isn’t in there, feel free to ask in the UnifiedPush Matrix (bridged on Freenode IRC) or ask the application’s dev team.

Will UP ever work on iOS?

IOS doesn’t support running services in the background, so running a UnifiedPush distributor won’t be possible without jailbreaking or Apple’s approval for the foreseeable future. If someone has a solution, share that in the chat.

Can we use transport X to deliver notifications to the device?

Yes! UnifiedPush doesn’t define a transport between the provider and the distributor. Just implement the UnifiedPush distributor API, and your service will be compatible with any existing app that uses UnifiedPush!