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Conversations (XMPP) - Android

Conversations is a Jabber/XMPP instant messaging client for Android which can also act as a UnifiedPush distributor.

Get it on F-Droid

Set Up Android Client

  • Open Conversations Settings
  • Scroll down to UnifiedPush Distributor
  • Select the XMPP Account you want to receive notifications through
  • You’re ready to use UnifiedPush!

YouTube video demonstrating this.

Note: Conversations requires converting UnifiedPush-style notifications to XMPP messages first, which is done by a service hosted at up.conversations.im. This service, called a rewrite proxy, can also be self-hosted.
Note 2: Conversations is NOT an end user application. Conversations is a distributor that keeps a background connection open and lets other apps receive notifications through it.


In addition to a regular XMPP server, you need a UnifiedPush->XMPP Rewrite Proxy to turn UnifiedPush messages into XMPP messages. There are multiple options for rewrite proxies.

iNPUTmice’s Official Rewrite Proxy

up is a proxy written in Java by the developer of Conversations. It’s server independent and works with an external XMPP server.

Prosody mod_unified_push

mod_unified_push is a Prosody module that turns Prosody into a complete push server.